Cricketism: Should Pakistan retire from cricket?

Cricketism: Should Pakistan retire from cricket?


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Cricket is open gambling and IPl  has clearly exposed it as being sponsored by the regimes themselves.  

The dismal performance by Pakistani team in the London Champion trophy gimmicks, signals total collapse of Pakistan cricket.

Neither the batboys nor the bowlers are able to perform as a credible team and the way Pakistani spectators quickly left the stadium even when match was still on showed they are totally dismayed by the Pakistani gimmicks.

All that Pakistani team wants is 50 for its captain or some other batboys.  Pakistan bowlers are extremely greedy for wickets and they go for them by offering as many runs as needed is atrocious.

Doubts are cast on the capability of Pakistani team to pay international gimmicks.

Leave cricket to non-Muslims because it is not a real sport, it is just a gimmick, deformed magic show and fake entertainment. Cricketers cheat and fool public. Money or no money, cricket cannot be played now without fixes. 

Cricket is not meant for muslims and other  true believers. India would feel much relieved when Pakistan quits cricketism field because Indians consider Pakistan as a serious threat or big competitor to  their immoral shining. . 

It is time Pakistan retired from cricket. Batboys can collect 100 runs each while bowlers one wicket each as part of retirement benefits.

Pakistanis must come out of cricketism illusions and match fixing gambling for 100 runs . 

Playing joint cricket exercises for  runs and wickets is a crime and shame.  As a islamic nation, pakistan should inculcate Islamic values among Muslims.  



د. عبد راف 


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