USA against Denuclearization and Disarmament

USA against Denuclearization and Disarmament


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Humanity seeks a secured world free from nukes and wars. But  big powers and their traditonal military n and space rivalries  dney  the pople of globe  real chances for safety and security.

Although it criticizes Iran and North Korea on their legitimate nuke projects, USA is not at all serious about denuclearization and disarmament. Washington stalls al serious attempts by global nations to   create a world free of nukes.

American opposition and lack of commitment to various international disarmament conventions are obstacles to advancing the issue of global disarmament.

To put it aptly, the US opposition to the protocol to the Biological Weapons Convention, its non-adherence to its commitments under the Chemical Weapons Convention to eliminate its arsenal by 2012, and efforts to prevent global denuclearization as well as a nuclear-free Middle East are all part of Washington’s black record of non-compliance with international obligations and disrespect for international mechanisms on global disarmament and security.

The USA has, for all practical purposes, taken the UN Disarmament Conference hostage and is hindering its effective performance in advancing international peace and security.  For years now, the USA is opposed to bringing up the issue of disarmament in the UN Disarmament Conference

Refusal by USA to denuclearize Israel clearly shows its own mindset to retain have nuke regime intact.

But the efforts by USA-Israel twins to project Iran as a rogue state are motivated and hence do hold water.

Iran is among the first founders of the UN Disarmament Conference and, Iran says, has always played an instrumental and constructive role in advancing the objectives of the conference, in particular that of nuclear disarmament. Iran has also played a key role in negotiations on international treaties, including the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Iran proposed the idea of a nuke-free Middle East and is among the flag-bearers of nuclear disarmament. Describing Iran as a victim of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the Iranian spokesman said the Islamic Republic of Iran along with other peace-loving nations of the world will continue to tap into all national and international potential to contribute to the creation of a WMD-free world.

The recent remarks by US President B Obama and UK Premier David Cameron about continuing pressure on Iran are discouraging and indicate the lack of a realistic view and the right understanding of reality by those who advocate these pressures. Iran said the policy of pressure had never been effective, adding that purposeful negotiations made with goodwill were the only way to achieve a solution to the Western standoff over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.


Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned Canada regime for joining anti-Iran rogue states bandwagon led by USA-Israel twins and also condemned the recent remarks by Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird and the holding of an anti-Iran conference in Canada as flagrant interference in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s internal affairs.

Canada’s blame-game in the foreign policy arena, particularly with respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran, will not be able to divert public attention either inside or outside Canada from issues such as the election fraud known as the Robocalls scandal, which brought the current Canadian government to power, or the blatant and systematic violation of human rights in Canada. People around the world have learned about the massive racial discrimination, child trafficking and sex abuse, biased regulations for aborigines and minorities, growing poverty and unemployment among immigrants, racism and xenophobia in Canada, which were all reported by the UN official sources as well as Canada’s non-government organizations. The international community is concerned about democracy and the human rights situation in Canada

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman further welcomed Egypt’s proposal on forming a quartet on Syria and voiced the Islamic Republic’s readiness to help resolve the crisis in the Arab country.


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